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Cameron Dunlap Scam – Not sure how you ended up here but that’s ok… We’ll introduce you to Cameron, show you some videos and hope you fall in love with real estate. Cameron has been investing in real estate since 1993. That’s a fair amount of time in most people’s eyes. Over the years, Cameron has seen the real estate market move and change quite a bit. However, the one piece that has stayed consistent is Cameron. He is a master real estate technician and knows what works and what does not work.

Cameron continues to buy and sell real estate today. Anyone who teaches but does not buy and sell real estate today should not be teaching. Times have changed. Techniques and strategies that worked 6 months ago no longer work. Yep, it’s changing that fast. It’s important to follow someone who is in the trenches day to day and knows what challenges you face as an investor, not some Scam, fly-by-night, get rich quick company. By knowing and facing the challenges out there, he can help provide solutions to the problems.

He’s been able to do this multiple times. He created iFlipĀ 2.0 for investors to leverage their time better. Cameron was struggling trying to juggle between family, business, and fun. His business took up the majority of his time. He created iflip as a solution so others can do all the “busy work” and so he could focus on the more important pieces of his life. HUGE time savor.

One of the challenges in todays market is both funding on the investor side and funding on the buyer side. So Cameron set out to make it his business to help investors get money and also find “CASH” buyer because it’s so hard to get a loan plus all the "red tape". His students now enjoy transactional funding provided by him personally. He also created Cash Buyer Data Feed that spits out cash buyers in every state.

There is a really cool video of him on YouTube flipping a house. It’s worth checking out. It’s about 8 minutes and gives some good training and advice there too.

Thanks for visiting Cameron Dunlap Scam. As you can see, Cameron is all about helping his students do more deals and cash more paychecks. I

If you'd like more information on Cameron Dunlap and his products and services you can call his office at (607) 527-6097 or email them anytime at

Good Luck and much success.


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